The SGAA is a community for everyone who loves stained glass, whether they simply appreciate the beauty of a historic window in passing or they've mastered the craft over a lifetime and everywhere in between. SGAA members create a foundation of support for all of our nonprofit programs, from our technical manuals to our conference scholarships, and from our magazine to our historic archives. A subscription to the Stained Glass Quarterly (SGQ) is included with all memberships.

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The Stained Glass Association of Ameirca (SGAA) is a 501(c)(6) organization that has worked for 120 years to protect industry interests and share knowledge and inspiration among its members. In July 1903, a group of stained glass craftsmen came together and petitioned the U.S. Congress to create tariffs to equalize the European glass worker's wage scale with that of America's, a difference of almost three to one. In the 1990's our organization came together in front of Congress again - this time to protect the use of lead in our craft.

 Meanwhile, we have built mentorships and scholarships, an Acccreditation program and published numerous Guides and Technical Manuals to share knowledge and information with glass crafters and the clients who are the stewards of our work. All this while maintaining an award-winning journal that is one of the oldest contiuously published journals in the United States.

 Today, the SGAA is an energetic organization of craftspeople, stewards, and aficionados challenging the country to rethink what stained glass can be. Our members are a passionate community who believe in openly exchanging ideas and knowledge among beginning and experienced practitioners alike; who work together to host forums and conferences where attendees can network with like-minded glass fans to troubleshoot, collaborate, or share their appreciation knowledge. And our members support the crucial education, scholarship, and mentorship needed to pass centuries of skill and dedication onto the next generation who will be creating and caring for our stained glass treasures.